Our World

VIA VENETTO celebrates its 40 years with renewed verve and creative audacity. Through the years, we have grown stronger as a preferred local brand. We once carried world-renown brands and we studied how they grew. World-class quality was and still is the gold standard for their growth and longevity. We took this to heart then and we continue to uphold this. Today, the new VIA stores are iconic, fearlessly interpreting VIA's directional drive.

Our clients are predominantly the young, introduced by their Moms, Titas and even Lolas, and women in their prime who consider handmade shoes a symbol of distinction, a clear differentiation between the 'haves,' and the 'have mores.' It is a reflective milestone of their rise in the career ladder. These ladies will not put up with the predictable discomfort of cheap imported shoes and knock-offs flooding the Philippine market.

VIA held its ground, refusing to compromise its quality leather and components like Swarovski crystals. VIA only works with the world's finest leathers and components and our clients appreciate this.

The work ethic of VIA is: FATTO A MANO-  This is the proud expression of quality achievement seen on the famous world brands. Distinct and outstanding for its very definition being proudly crafted by hand, VIA felt a strong connection and good fit into their own philosophy.

VIA has no special formula for the long running success. Staying the course, working only with our hands and the world's best materials and decisions led by our Loving God have proven to be wise and rewarding.